The biggest question when joining any type of school activity is " How do we offset fees?"   All marching bands, color guard, orchestra and choirs as well as other music groups are often in need of financial support to sustain musical programs, fund competitions and concerts, cover travel costs for band camp and trips, and pay for instruments, uniforms and training tools. We do not ever want to see a student unable to participate and miss the joy of having music and the performing arts in their life.  So, how do we do this? We do it together.

Without the continued help of our wonderful Music Boosters, parents, fundraisers, donations and volunteers our programs would not be as successful as they are!  Stebbins High School has a long proud tradition being able to offer exceptional fundraisers along with our primary opportunity with the Dayton Dragons and their organization. We rely heavily partnering with them and the great service they provide our organization and students. 

Please contact our Dayton Dragons chairperson to sign up dates for you and your student immediately upon joining any activity. Many years of students and parents have paid off entire fees with this one main fund raising opportunity that is available.  Not only are we raising money, we are building a STRONG band family and friendships that will last a lifetime!




Hello Band and Orchestra Families!!!! 

We are doing a quick and fun spring fundraiser in the music department!  This is a super easy online fundraiser that will support our Music Booster Program!  All you have to do is click the link below, enter our group ID of JX8N4, and add your student as a seller.  Then start shopping!  All proceeds go to our Music Booster Organization!  This online store has about anything you could want from spring items, to food, to fun gift ideas!  Shop away and support music!



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