marching band student leadership

Congratulations to our new 2020-21 Section Leaders! We are looking to see great mentoring and strengths from this leadership group! Leading with pride and example this year are the following representatives: 

Field Commanders: Jayla Kinsey and Chaun Edwards  

Flute Section Leaders: Ashley Mintz and Alysa Boling  

Clarinet Section Leader: Jaylah Greer  

Saxophone Section Leader: Noah Magrum  

Mellophone Section Leader: Mason McDaniel  

Trumpet Section Leaders: Ilana Stewart, Evie Hatton, Logan Cascanett  

Trombone Section Leader: Matthew Knospe  

Baritone Section Leader: Callum Meyer  

Tubas Section Leader: Dalton Cambell  

Drumline Section Leader: Graham Simpson  

Front Ensemble Section Leader:  Terri Hudson and Nyah Kellman

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